We founded Gentil Style with one simple goal: to provide an amazing style and hight quality products .

We are a design studio based in London, England, the heart of fashion inspiration.

Our mission is to help your style express who you are without saying a word.

Tired of big brands markups, we are dedicated to provide the highest quality products at affordable price for our customers. In a world full of expensive high-class stores and brands, we want to bring similar products available for all at affordable prices and worldwide shipping.

What we do is about you, our pieces are designed to complet you. Our bracelets are specially designed to fit your personality and be combined and associated in the most courageous ways. It all depends on your vision, your desires and your personality, how you want to tell people who you are.


The thing is, bracelets don't need to be as expensive as most stores make them to be.  We try to be affordable for everyone. By using efficient manufacturing techniques and being innovative, we can keep the price low.

We also believe in free shipping. Nobody wants to be greeted by a £10 extra shipping charge on the checkout screen after spending a long time entering their address and details. That’s just rude. 
All of our bracelets come with free shipping and no unpleasant surprises!

Thank you,
The Gentil Style Team.